Why iPhone x is not worth buying?

Apple released its three new models of 2017, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. Almost all information were leaked online prior to the launch. There were no big surprises expect the failed face recognition during the demo. In this article I try to put forth few reasons why I think iPhone X (iPhone 10) is not worth buying in 2017.

Should you pay a grand for a phone?

iPhone X comes in two variants (64 GB and 256 GB). Lower storage model price starts at $999 in USA, £999 in UK and Rs. 89,900 in India. Loyal apple fans may consider buying at this premium price. Also another thing to note is that, you have to spent another $100 for getting full advantage of new iPhone. New iPhone supports fast charging and to use it, we would need to purchase a separate power adapter that supports fast charging. Power brick with fast charger capabilities is not sold along with the new phone. You will receive a normal 5Watt USB power adapter.

It also supports Qi wireless charging (FINALLY) and you need to spend another couple of bucks to purchase wireless charging pod. The good thing is that apple has included earpods with lighting connector. Apple’s logic ¨Now we have included the features that you want, pay us more to use it.¨

With this price we can buy a good laptop and spent rest of the money on food!

Infinity display that hides content on screen..!

Infinity display itself is a pro and con for iPhone X. Display is only reason to consider iphone X and the problem that most people would have is, content on the sensor region  will be hidden beneath the display while watching movies in full screen and playing games. Apple could fix this with a software update. They could use the technique used by Essential phone that released a month ago. While playing movies in full screen mode, a black layer masks the top region of the phone to even out the display. I really hope that apple would do something similar to that.

The plus point about the display is that, now we get OLED display and it supports 3D touch. It would be unfair if I don´t mention good things.

64GB for 999?

Now this may not seem a valid point unless we dive deep into the specifications. New iphone has an improved camera. It is the best camera in any phone launched till date. The only phone that I know that supports 4K video recording at 60 fps. You would be wondering, why I am talking about camera? Photos and videos captured will have much more details and the size would be large. 64 GB would not be enough to store these. Apple could have included 128 GB variant instead of 64. It would have justified the price then.

Why ditched Touch ID?

Love it or hate it, exclusion of touch id is a risky move by apple. Apple couldn´t embed fingerprint sensor beneath the display so they decided to remove it completely and now new iphone X have face ID instead. Touch ID is an advanced technology and is the best implementation so far by any mobile phone company. But relying just on face detection is not enough when we consider security. Every time you have shave or grow beard, you have to re-configure face ID. IPhone is known for it´s security and I am really looking forward how apple will handle this. You could have used placed fingerprint sensor beneath the apple logo! Is it not a convenient spot for fingerprint sensor without compromising the existing stunning looks (looks great, but camera bump is just meh!). 


Well, these are my opinions on why iPhone X is not worth buying at given price point. However, I have no doubt that iPhone X is the best looking smart phone with high level technologies embedded into it. Dual camera with 4K 60 fps video recording, OLED infinte display, A11 bionic chip with dedicated neural engine dedicated for handling AI, best version of facial recognition, Siri, 3D touch. Everything that apple can boast about is present in this phone. I have not mentioned fast charging and wireless charging because, although these are new in apple devices, these are not new in smart phones. These features were introduced in smartphones more than 2-4 years ago.

Lastly, iPhone X is a premium tech gadget and not everyone can afford this. Will oneplus come with a smartphone similar to iphone X with an affordable price? Let us wait till then.

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